The volunteering team FILIOS ZEUS is an organization made up by volunteers without profitable aims situated in Archanes, a town of the municipality Archanes-Asterousia. It was established in 2013 and was incorporated in the Code of  Civil Protection in 2015. Our target is the spreading of volunteering and the non-profitable offers to people. Our basic aim is the proper certified education and  training of our members, the proper information on the  civil protection, the provision of first aid and the environmental protection. It assists the State  organisations and authorities, such as General Management of civil protection, the Fire Brigade, the special teams of dealing with natural disasters as well as the authorities of our  Region. It always stands by the citizens daily and  moreover at difficult times. Which need reaction and  effectiveness.


FILIOS ZEUS is an open association to anybody who wants  to be a member, to be trained and interested in solidarity.

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FILIOS ZEUS is an open association to anyone who wants to join as a member, to anyone who wants to be trained and offer.